YouTube training workshop feedback

After delivering the first YouTube training workshop of 2023, we wanted to share some of the feedback and insights from our attendees.

It’s been several years since we’ve hosted in an in-person YouTube training workshop due to the world-wide changes, but our first date of 5th May was set, and we were both excited and apprehensive about starting them again. Although we’ve continued to provide some online training sessions over Zoom and in webinars, there is still something very different about delivering training face to face.

Luke mid-way through the YouTube training workshop

Additionally, while there are some fundamental principles to YouTube that don’t really change, the platform is constantly changing and evolving. Since we last delivered the workshop, there are new features, new opportunities, different strategies, changes in audience behaviour, more data to analyse… so a big part of our workshop was now all new material. While we were confident that this is now our best ever content, and we’re excited to share it, you don’t know always know how it’s going to land with the attendees. However, the training was a great success and we couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback.

The workshop venue

This particular workshop was held at a Worksmart Hub in Altrincham, which is just South of Manchester near our main offices. It’s super convenient if you arrive by public transport (there are trains, trams and busses, and it’s close to the airport), lots of parking if you’re driving, and pretty easy to find. We make sure that everyone is looked after, so there is an “infinite” supply of coffees, teas and waters, and everyone is well fed on the day!

Some of the wraps, sandwiches and sushi for lunch

From our feedback survey, everyone had no issue finding it.

How easy was the location of the training to find?

A lot of our attendees were too polite to get stuck into all the food provided, so we had no issue with them taking a doggy bag home with them!

Cookies, cinnamon rolls and sandwiches

YouTube training attendee feedback

Attending the training, we had a wide range of people with different backgrounds and levels of experience – from small business owners to senior marketing executives of large brands. We try to make sure we cater for everyone regardless of experience and ability, even when we deep dive into some of the more complex aspects of the YouTube platform.

Below is the attendee feedback to some of the post-workshop questions we asked:

How useful did you find the training?
Did the training match the expectations set out to you?
How did you find the level of training?
How did you feel after the training?
Do you think you will implement what you have learned in your future marketing activities?
Overall how would you score the training out of 5?

YouTube training testimonials

The attendees also very kindly left us some testimonials.

Just attended a YouTube workshop with the Falkon Team and it was incredible!
Absolutely rammed with tips, tricks & techniques, gob smacking metrics, efficient workflows, and the kind of gems you only get from failing forward. Perfectly paced, engaging delivery.

I left buzzing with ideas and the confidence that with a bit of graft I can do it!

Nicola, Business Strategist & HR Coach

A massive amount of useful, actionable information packed into a short amount of time without it feeling overwhelming – this why the team at Falkon Digital are so highly regarded in the field of video marketing specifically and digital marketing more generally. Thanks so much for this incredible session.

Chris, Marketing Manager

Really enjoyed this session, especially the extra bit at the end where Luke talked us through one of his own videos, I found that very insightful. Thanks again for having us, will certainly apply the learnings to my own work.

Rishi, Marketing Manager

Coming to the course with not a great deal of technical knowledge, Rhian and I were a little nervous about what to expect and how we would receive all the information, but Luke and Sadie immediately put us at ease with their awesome people skills and down to earth portrayal of the course content. We are super grateful to the guys for the knowledge acquired and we will be putting it into practice within our business as an extra brand awareness/marketing tool/strategy. Thank you so much to both of you not only for the course delivery, but also for going the extra mile and sending us the slides to revisit all the information.

Louisa & Rhian, Small Business Owners

Thank you for this training workshop. It was very insightful and we are looking forward to putting what we learnt into practice. It was informative and interesting. Luke and Sadie were lovely and happy to help!

Naomi, Marketing Manager

Our next training workshop

We will be setting up some new dates for future training courses soon. If you would like to be notified about them in advance, you can sign up to our email list.

We’re also going to be offering some shorter online training sessions too. Finally, we also provide in-house training on-location for brands and agencies. Contact us to find out more.

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