Sadie Sherran on the “and we have an Office Dog” Podcast

Falkon co-founder Sadie Sherran joins Chris Simmance, The Agency Coach, to talk about the agency's start, growth and change over the years since the company was formed in 2009.

Chris Simmance is known as the Agency Coach. Having been a successful agency owner himself multiple times, he’s worked with hundreds of companies and organisations in different verticals. He is now the owner of the OMG Center, which includes the agency podcast “… and we have an office dog”. This is a series of interviews with current and former Digital Agency owners, as they share their insights on what what they’ve done right, and what they’ve done wrong while running an agency.

Episode 38 – Sadie Sherran

In episode 38, our very own co-founder Sadie Sherran joined Chris to talk about how Falkon Digital was started, and the valuable lessons that she’s learned since the company was formed in 2009. You can listen to the full episode here:

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There is also a huge network of partners to find approved resources to manage aspects such as legal, finance, HR and recruitment.

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