New YouTube training workshop dates announced

If you want to understand how to use the YouTube platform, increase the views your videos receive, attract more subscribers and ultimately generate more revenue… then our one-day intensive YouTube training workshop is just what you need.

Falkon Digital are excited to announce that new dates are available for their popular YouTube training workshop. The workshop is an intensive one-day, in-person event held in Altrincham in South Manchester.

Falkon co-founder Luke Sherran has recently spent some time updating and modernising the original training workshop that proved popular at events such as BrightonSEO, as well as delivering them to in-house marketing teams for companies wanting to better understand and utilise the YouTube platform.

A few photos from Luke’s YouTube journey

On setting the new dates, Luke said:

“Pre-lock down, these training workshops used to be incredibly popular. To finally go back to hosting in-person events like this is amazing. Zoom calls and online events are fine, but there is something about in-person conversations that provide so much more value in the time we have together.”

Luke Sherran

The YouTube training workshop is designed to provide attendees with a huge amount of knowledge in a single day, while also giving them practical skills and techniques that can be applied straight away. This can provide a huge head start to their YouTube journey, helping them to increase their video views, the amount of subscribers they attract, and ultimately improve the amount of revenue they can generate.

Luke has been using the YouTube platform professionally since 2016, and in that time he has amassed nearly quarter of a billion views on his own personal channel alone, while working with many agencies, brands and individual creators on their own YouTube channels and video marketing strategies.

The first of the new dates to be announced is Friday the 5th May 2023. Regarding future dates:

“The first date is held in South Manchester near the Falkon offices, but if there is enough appetite for this kind of event, then we’ll look to host them regularly around the country.”

Luke Sherran

The interest in platforms like YouTube has been growing exponentially over the last few years, and as companies start to invest more in video, we’ve found that they’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with the amount of reach they get once they upload their content. This training workshop can absolutely help mitigate those issues; having an understanding about the platform and the right techniques to publish your content can make a huge difference.

To find out more about the training workshop, dates, location, pricing and booking information; visit the full page using the button below.

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