Falkon Digital branding refresh

After 12 years, we decided it was time to refresh our branding to something that better represents the company as it is now.

Despite starting the business in 2009, we didn’t officially change our company name to “Falkon Digital” until 2011. The branding that we created at the time has served us well; but as the company has evolved and changed, we felt the logo was starting to look a little tired, and didn’t represent where we are now as a business.

So in the background we’ve been working on our new branding, and modernising it while refreshing our company website. Rather than completely starting from scratch, the design is more of an evolution of the existing design, and maintains some familiarity. Below is a comparison of the old logo vs. the new logo.

It definitely looks more modern and dynamic, and over the coming days we’ll start updating all of our social channels with the new branding too. The last version of the logo lasted 12 years, so hopefully this one will have similar longevity too.

Website refresh

You may also notice that the Falkon Digital website has also been refreshed. As is the case with many digital agencies, your own company website is often a little neglected, much like the cobblers shoes analogy.

“There’s an old Spanish proverb that translates roughly to the saying ‘the cobbler’s children have no shoes’. Meaning that someone with a specific skill is often so busy assisting others that their own affairs go unattended.”


So we’ve taken the time to give the website a much needed lick of paint, and updated the content on our services and work pages. We’ve also updated all of the management tools in the site so there can be more contributors to the content, which should help keep it more regularly updated.

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