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Who doesn’t want more traffic and sales? Digital Marketing can be the most effective, scalable and budget friendly approach to growing your business, and at Falkon Digital, we have over 2 decades of digital marketing experience working for a wide range of brands.

Whether it’s content marketing, paid advertising or utilising platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok… we’ll find the best approach for your business, based on your specific audience and goals.

Digital Marketing helps you reach, engage and nurture new targeted audiences, that can be converted into lasting loyal customers.

Strategy development

Marketing without a strategy is just guessing; you can post content you think will work but without goals, research, audience identification and analysis you will never reach your potential. Your strategy is key to everything you do and will be integrated into your business goals for the year, not just your marketing goals. 

Creating and implementing a strategy can be part of an ongoing retainer, a project, or one-off consultation; but at Falkon we work with you to identify which platforms and marketing activities will work best for your audience and your budget. You can choose long term and short term goals, and we will help you achieve these based on data and research. 

With clear brand guidelines and data backed decision making, you will be able to grow your business in ways you hadn’t thought of before. 

Content marketing

Good content marketing is often an overlooked, but crucial ingredient to digital marketing campaigns. Our team works with you to plan, create and publish a content marketing campaign that reaches the right audience, and is strategically designed  to increase traffic and conversions.

Our careful planning is followed by intensive content creation days, where months of photos, videos, audio and more are captured in a single day. This provides a huge library of digital assets, ready to be scheduled into posts, blogs, articles, videos and digital products across a multi‐platform content marketing campaign.

Social media

The marketing landscape has changed, and buyers don’t want to be sold to constantly in a one-way conversation with brands.

At Falkon Digital we understand the psychology of social media marketing to help increase brand awareness, engagement, trust, sentiment… and of course sales.

We create a unique social media strategy based on your audience and their interests, deciding upon the best marketing techniques that they will respond to. 

Customer-centric marketing is key to social media and an effective marketing campaign, which should flexible and data-driven.

Paid advertising

Work with us to get your Ads seen by customers who didn’t know they love you!

Paid advertising gives you instant visibility on your website and social channels, driving traffic and conversions. Our highly experienced team create Ads that reach and resonate with your target audience, providing authentic engagement.

We continuously monitor, analyse and optimise your paid campaigns based on the data, identifying opportunities and ensuring we hit your ROI and business goals. Our campaigns are integrated into the wider strategy and marketing activity, to ensure a unified experience across all the different customer touch points.

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