Digital Marketing

Grow your brand online

Digital marketing is the most cost effective growth strategy there is, when once upon a time a TV advert in peak time was the pinnacle of marketing, now a viral video or YouTube ad can get much more reach for a much smaller investment… if you know what you are doing.

Fortunately for you, Falkon Digital has over a decade of experience creating digital marketing campaigns, from organic SEO to global advertising.

Strategy development

Marketing without a strategy is just guessing; you can post content you think will work but without goals, research, audience identification and analysis you will never reach your potential. Your strategy is key to everything you do and will be integrated into your business goals for the year, not just your marketing goals. 

Creating a strategy can be part of an ongoing retainer, a project, or one-off consultation; but at Falkon we work with you to identify what marketing activities will work best for your audience and your budget. You can choose long term and short term goals and we will help you achieve these based on data and research. 

Your marketing campaigns will have an element of subjectivity but with clear brand guidelines and data backed decision making you will be able to grow your business in ways you hadn’t thought of before. 

Content marketing

No campaign can run without content. Content marketing is the key element of every digital campaign, our designers and analytics team work together to create content that is appealing to your audience and is brand safe. 

We have content writers to write ads, social media posts and even scripts. Good content uses a mix of psychology and storytelling both in writing and imagery. Our team is made up of photographers and videographers so you aren’t limited in how much content we can create.

Social media

The marketing landscape has changed and buyers don’t want a one way conversation with brands, they don’t want to be sold to constantly. 

At Falkon Digital we understand the psychology of social media marketing to help increase brand awareness, trust, sentiment and of course sales. We create a unique social media strategy based on your audience and their interests and decide upon the best marketing techniques that they will respond to. 

Customer-centric marketing is key to social media and an effective marketing campaign; don’t copy your competitors, reach out to your customers. Your social media marketing should be flexible and progressive, using analytics and KPIs to constantly evaluate the campaigns based on results. 

Social media campaigns can be retainer based, where our team will create and post all content and analyse monthly to adapt to the strategy. Or if you have an in-house design team we can consult and provide training. 

Paid advertising

Work with us to get your ads seen by customers who didn’t know they love you!

Your brand can be seen by the audience it deserves with paid ads across Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and YouTube. Using funnels, targeting and remarketing we can increase sales and leads with your brand, increasing your visibility to the right audience so you don’t have to spend more to get better results. 

Identifying your audience and what they are looking for at each point in the sales funnel means we can get better results for your budget. 

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